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Luxury Finishes at Builder Prices

As a full-service manufacturer and wholesale supplier, we offer high-quality, luxury products at a builder prices. Originally designed to service large-scale developers and interior designers, we are proud to now sells directly to homeowners and contractors of all sizes!


Each of our products is conceived and crafted to the specifications of our interior design team, creating a unique, high-end look that completes any room on nearly any budget.


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Innovation and Design from CASK Industries

Innovation is at the heart of what we do and who we are. CASK Industries is a child of that innovation, a full-service manufacturer and wholesale supplier born out of a need we saw in the multifamily renovation and development space. Originally created to support the rapid growth of Cortland and their communities of luxury apartments, we are now bringing those products to the public. Not just fixtures, sinks, and lights we have to sell to others but the fixtures, sinks, and lights we use in our own homes.

CASK only sources the highest quality materials in look, performance, and durability. We not only stand behind our products, we use and install them every day in our own properties. Each product is held to rigorous standards and tested to make sure everything we create is both beautiful and reliable. Because CASK manufactures our own products directly instead of just reselling the designs of others, we are bringing you the products we love and believe in. 

CASK offers an impressive lineup of high-quality products at builder pricing, including bathroom and kitchen materials, lighting, fans, door hardware, flooring, tile, and electrical fixtures. But what we're able to offer goes beyond its product selection. CASK also works with developers, general contractors, architects, and interior designers as a trusted consultant on building and design projects. Each product in the CASK catalog comes with a design file that can be used to create a 3D rendering of what a space might look like so designers can easily see a room come to life before they put it together. CASK also offers different kitting services, which include warehouse storage and direct shipping to job sites. As CASK continues to grow, so too will its product catalog and the services we offer.

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